Sound of Molecules

Our science communication project "Sound of Molecules – I. fiddle (with)" premiered during the opening session of ICMSE in Basel on 27 August 2017. This audio-visual production represents a milestone in the on-going unique cooperation between NCCR MSE and argovia philharmonic. For more than one year a group of NCCR MSE scientists (Viola Vogel and Ralf Stutzki) and Swiss artists (Christian Weidmann, Lukas Huber and Samuel Hertig) teamed up in order to create a most unusual communication tool meant to enrich the on-going societal debate about the ethical challenges of synthetic biology.


The premiere of Sound of Molecules – I. fiddle (with) was performed by the renowned argovia philharmonic. This 7 minute classical-modern composition both reflects on and challenges the first phase of NCCR MSE research while simultaneously interpreting photo graphic and video graphic sequences which originated in the labs of Molecular Systems Engineering.  More 

"Spectacular music!"

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry  Ben L. Feringa. Listen


Sound of Molecule creative team (left to right): Sam Hertig, Ralf Stutzki, Viola Vogel, Lukas Huber & Christian Weidmann.


Premiere of "Sound of Molecule" with the argovia philharmonic in Basel.